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Privacy Policy – Atair d.o.o.

Herewith, company Atair d.o.o. is presenting personal data protection. We are kindly asking you to read it as it represents the insight in how the company collects, archives and deals with your personal data as well as it represents your rights concerning the processing of your personal data.

For any questions concerning your personal data or for cancellation of your agreement you can contact us via our e-mail address or write us to the address Atair d.o.o., Partizanska cesta 9 a, 4220 Škofja Loka.

1. Personal Data Manager

The data provided by a customer are managed by:

Atair d.o.o., Partizanska cesta 9 a, 4220 Škofja Loka


(later referred to as manager)

2. Personal Data Protection. Your privacy is important.

In our company Atair d.o.o. we are fully aware of the importance of your privacy and are doing the best we can in order to fully protect personal data. We can assure you that we deal with personal data in a responsible and respectful way and protect them carefully accoring to the currently valid laws and legislation of the Republik of Slovenia, European directives and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as internal acts of the company Atair d. o. o. In our company solely entrusted employees in company Atair d.o.o. have access to as well as subtractors explicitly in the frames of the purposes that are presented at hand over of the personal data. The access to personal data is limited explicitly to the extent and purpose that are needed for carrying out working process and performing selling process, that is in accordance with your allowance to use the data. By giving your consent you are allowing us to process and archive the personal data that had been provided in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law (Uradni list RS, št. 94/07 s spremembami; ZVOP-1) as well as with all the internal acts of the manager dealing with the personal data.  

3. Means of collecting and category of personal data

Personal data is collected and/or accepted in various ways:

- At our website Atair d.o.o. via a form that our company prints out and use name, surname, permanent address, email address, telephone number (cellular and mobile), that is data used to issue (proforma) invoice, in case our product is sent to the other person as the client data of the recipient (all the above mentioned data).

– Via your questions through email correspondence, regular mailand other means of communicaton that are based on personal data.  

Person who with their consent submit their data and at least one contact data through email with the entire written correspondence with the client as well as their email address remains in the archive of the company Atair d.o.o.  

4. The aim of personal data collection

Atair d.o.o. collects personal data of its clients for the following purposes;

– accordance with the law (e.g. invoice issuing);

– use of data for the purposes of shipment of the products to the address provided by client.

5. Web page

a) Links to other websites

On our website there are some links to other websites. The visitor of our website must be aware and accept that these websites have their own privacy policies which Atair d.o.o. does not hold responsible for and are independent of the privacy of policy of Atair d.o.o.

6. Individuals' rights related to the personal data

Your personal right is to demand from Atair d.o.o. at any time, without explanation and consequences to add, correct and restrict or stops using and entirely delete the data form the base of the data your personal data for the purposes under article 4. In the same way you can demand access or reject your personal data to be processed and demand the data to be transferred. Denial of the consent does not affect the legal aspect of data processing which had been carried out until its cancellation on the basis of the consent. If in your opinion your data has been kept or processed in contrary with the provisions in force dealing with the data protection you have the right to lodge a complaint to Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia.

The lodge for cancellation of the consent or complete deletion of the personal data can be submitted in the following ways, thereby being asked to explicitly provide the content of the lodge:

– you can send a written lodge via e-mail to with the subject »Cancellation of Consent«;

– you can send a written lodge per post to the address Atair d.o.o., Partizanska cesta 9 a, 4220 Škofja Loka »Cancellation of Consent Atair«;

7. Time of retention of data

The company Atair d.o.o. obliges itself to process and retent your personal data explicitly for the purposes given, that is until the interest/need exists and/or untill your cancellation of the consent. In case the processing and retention of data is based on a contract or are defined by law, the time of retention of data is adjusted to the contract and/or to the law.

Atair d.o.o. has the right to delete all the data from the database and records which it considers to be unreal or fake without prior notice. 

The data remain in the company in retention in limitless time, because in the case that a client wants to enforce warranty or a client sends their product for repair, Atair d.o.o. can find data about the product. We can assure our clients that the data is safely kept – the order forms and (proforma) invoices are kept in a locked office, (proforma) invoices in folders on a locked PC which can be accessed only by a password changed every three months and which only our manager and office clerk have access to. 

8. International law

In case of any questions related to Privacy Policy valid is Slovenian legislation without the need to relate to International Law.

9. Privacy Policy at company Atair d.o.o.

This Privacy Policy at company Atair d.o.o. was published at and is valid as of 25 May 2018.

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