The classic all-round BASE Canopy

All jumping styles, slider up and down
All Experience Level

1830€ +VAT


  • Classic low aspect ratio 7-cell design
  • Classic F111 fabric construction, reinforced in critical areas
  • Control and centre cell lines in red colour
  • 2 brake settings
  • Tailgate
  • Large mesh slider
  • White Dacron lines

Available Sizes

185 205 225 245 265 285 305


  • ZP Leading Edge
  • Black Dacron Lines (with white or red tailgate lines)
  • 1, 3 or 5 MDV   (Bottom Skin Vents)
  • PN9 lightweight fabric construction
  • Soft Links
  • Black reinforcement tapes, thread and slide
  • Fine mesh and slow slider

Decades of Trolling

Over the last two decades the TROLL has proven to be one of the most popular and dependable BASE canopies on the market. Its design features a 7-cell low aspect ratio, built from the highest quality materials and reinforced in the critical high stress areas, enabling it to withstand the challenging requirements of the BASE-jumping environment.

For All the People

The TROLL airfoil provides comfortable openings, excellent canopy flight, predictable toggle response, and precision landings.

Weither you are a beginner or an expert, jumping high or low, the Troll will bring you down safely.

Pimp your TROLL

The standard TROLL canopy comes in F111 fabric, it can also be ordered in PN9 lightweight material. The TROLL is equipped with white Dacron lines, or at extra cost, black Dacron lines.

To aid packing the center tailgate and brake lines are made in red colour.

As an option, TROLL canopies can be ordered with the MDV system , either 1, 3 or 5 bottom skin vents, the center cell is always included to aid on-heading deployments. The choice depends on the type of jumps you are planning to do.

There is also the option to add a ZP leading edge to your Troll which helps prolong the lifespan on the canopy. As standard the canopy is equipped with rapid links or optional soft links.

If the Troll MDV is to be used for terminal slider up jumps, it is recommended to switch to a slow slider.

MDV - Mono Directional Valve 

Atair has always been at the cutting edge of parachute design and technology, as demonstrated with the introduction of numerous innovations such as the Mono Directional Valve (MDV) technology. MDV is a unique design that allows the air to flow into the canopy via bottom skin vents during the deployment stage and also during deep brake descent. In normal flight, the vents stay closed and do not disturb the internal airflow inside the canopy.

A canopy with MDV offers additional performance by increasing the canopy flight envelope in deep brakes, before reaching the stall. The canopy still has a great flare when equipped with MDV. When making a jump with the slider up, the canopy will inflate a bit faster than normal, but the true benefits of MDV technology are fully exploited on slider down jumps. The Atair MDV system also has a very low packing volume. During deployment, MDV technology provides superior canopy pressurization, reducing the amount of altitude required for canopy inflation and allowing the jumper almost immediate control of the canopy.





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