Advanced all-round canopy for experienced jumpers

All Jumping Styles (Slider Up/Down)
Advanced and Experienced Jumpers

2080€ +VAT


  • 3D shaped ZP leading edge
  • MDV5 as standard (5 bottom skin vents)
  • SLAT leading edge system
  • New bridle attachment point
  • Lighter tail pocket design
  • Continuous brake lines
  • Spectra insert brake settings
  • Bottom skin mini ribs
  • Additional canopy sizes
  • Tailgate
  • White Dacron lines
  • Control and centre cell lines in red colour
  • Large mesh slider
  • F111 fabric construction

Available Sizes

185 205 225 235 245 255 265 275 285 305


  • Black Dacron lines (with red or white tailgate lines)
  • PN9 lightweight fabric construction
  • Soft links
  • 'Black edition' label, reinforcement tapes, thread and slider in black
  • Fine mesh slider or slow slider
  • Spectra lines (only for slider up use)

Built on the OSP

The VISION is the ultimate all-round canopy for experienced BASE jumpers, whether it be urban slider down or alpine slider up, tracking or wingsuit flying.

The VISION is built on the foundations laid by its older brother, the famous OSP, which became the standard upon which all other BASE canopies are measured.

A Level UP

The VISION retains many characteristics of the OSP, like excellent openings and superb flight characteristics in deep brakes, but in the area of forward speed, glide and flare the VISION is taking things to a new level.

The VISION canopy is equipped with the MDV5 system  standard, providing reliable, efficient and comfortable on heading openings, slider up or slider down. For slider up, tracking and wingsuit jumps we recommend the use of a slow slider

A New Airfoil

The VISION has expanded the performance envelope at both ends of the curve. It is unbelievably stable in calm or turbulent wind conditions in all flight regimes, thanks to a new airfoil, improved split ZP leading edge, optimized line trim and mini stabilizers in the center of the canopy.

The bridle attachment point is moved further back, so that the tension from the PC is applied to all the lines during opening, instead of just the AB lines, this improves the behavior of the deploying canopy and helps reduce the chance of tension knots.

Predicatble, Safe, Reliable

The VISION has the ability to maintain a very steep and stable trajectory in deep brakes into tight landing areas with plenty of lift available for a soft landing. This is achieved by the use of SLAT Technology on the canopy leading edge. Atair was the first parachute manufacturer to use slats with the introduction of the OSP canopy back in 2007.

Overall the handling is similar to a sports skydiving canopy, but still retaining the predictability, safety and reliability of a BASE canopy. Increased forward speed and improved glide allow you to reach distant landing areas. Toggle turns are fast, responsive and efficient. Recovery from stall to full drive is quick with minimal altitude loss. The canopy is responsive and powerful in front riser turns, a pleasure to swoop, with plenty of power for a great flare at the end.

We have added 3 additional sizes 235, 255 and 275 as many pilots found themselves exactly between 2 sizes.

The VISION canopy can be ordered in either F111 or PN9 lightweight material. As standard, the VISION is equipped with white, or at extra cost, black Dacron lines. Center tail gate and brake lines are made in red colour. We also offer the »Black option« where all reinforcement tapes and thread are in black colour as well as the VISION logo on the outer rib. As standard the canopy is equipped with rapid links or optional soft links.

MDV - Mono Directional Valve 

Atair has always been at the cutting edge of parachute design and technology, as demonstrated with the introduction of numerous innovations such as the Mono Directional Valve (MDV) technology. MDV is a unique design that allows the air to flow into the canopy via bottom skin vents during the deployment stage and also during deep brake descent. In normal flight, the vents stay closed and do not disturb the internal airflow inside the canopy.

A canopy with MDV offers additional performance by increasing the canopy flight envelope in deep brakes, before reaching the stall. The canopy still has a great flare when equipped with MDV. When making a jump with the slider up, the canopy will inflate a bit faster than normal, but the true benefits of MDV technology are fully exploited on slider down jumps. The Atair MDV system also has a very low packing volume. During deployment, MDV technology provides superior canopy pressurization, reducing the amount of altitude required for canopy inflation and allowing the jumper almost immediate control of the canopy.

SLAT System

The SLAT system is used to increase the maximum lift coefficient and reduce stall speed. Slats are small leading edge airfoil extensions that are forming a slot at the first 10% of the leading edge. Part of the air that is entering the cell is directed through the slot back to the upper side of the canopy, speeding up the airflow and resulting in delayed separation of the airflow, allowing the canopy to maintain lift at lower speeds and a higher angle of attack before reaching the stall, and also reducing vertical speed. The SLATs are applied to the leading edge of cells #3, #4 and #5, because on rectangular platform wings, the stall occurs first at the middle of the span, i.e. on the center cells.

The SLAT system provides:

● Reduction of canopy forward speed during the opening stage, allowing more time to correct your heading with the risers during low altitude jumps in close proximity to the objects.

Improved deep brakes flight, with crisp toggle response and reduced canopy inertia during steep approaches, enabling easy and accurate, on the spot landings in constricted areas.

Atair was the first manufacturer to introduce this technology on BASE canopies in 2007.





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