The best lightweight slider up canopy on the market

Slider Up Jumps only
Built for Demanding Wingsuit Pilots and Trackers
All Experience Level

1980€ +VAT

VisionWS Design FEATURES

  • PN9 lightweight fabric construction
  • 3D shaped ZP leading edge
  • MDV3 as standard (3 bottom skin vents) 
  • New bridle attachment point
  • Lighter tail pocket design
  • Continuous SPECTRA brake lines
  • Additional canopy sizes

Available Sizes

185 205 225 235 245 255 265 275 285


  • Black Dacron lines (with red or white tailgate lines)

Legacy of the TRANGO

The VisionWS is a brand new ultra-lightweight BASE canopy specifically built for the most demanding wingsuit pilots and trackers.

In 2007 Atair released the Trango, the first ultra-light BASE canopy on the market. The canopies reduced weight and volume combined with excellent performance made it an instant success.

Although the ethos of the original Trango has remained, through further development, the design, technology and performance has evolved into an all-new canopy, the VisionWS.

Slider UP

The VisionWS is a slider up canopy and is even lighter than the previous lightweight canopies we offered.

The ZP leading edge is shaped using the same 3D technique as on the Vision.

New Lines & Mini Vents

The suspension lines are new, the thinner 750lbs French Spectra. The brake lines are 1000lbs Spectra, made continuous (fishbone style) so that there are no loops at the cascades and so less chance of tension knots.
The new tail pocket design is smaller and also lighter.

It has 3 mini vents positioned in the middle of the canopy, between the B and C line attachment point for better pressurization during opening

Agile and Fun to Fly

The bridle attachment point is moved further back, so that the tension from the PC is applied to all the lines during opening, instead of just the AB lines. This improves the behavior of the deploying canopy and helps reduce the chance of tension knots.

We have added 2 additional sizes 235  and 255 and 275 as many pilots found themselves exactly between 2 sizes.

The Vision WS has a great glide, is agile and fun to fly, a real pleasure to use, not just a way of getting to the ground. The response to toggle input is sharp, flying like a much smaller wing. The canopy performs well in deep brakes and has an incredible swoop for those who like to use their fronts.

VisionWS is to be used ONLY for slider up jumps and comes in  PN9 lightweight fabric.

MDV - Mono Directional Valve 

Atair has always been at the cutting edge of parachute design and technology, as demonstrated with the introduction of numerous innovations such as the Mono Directional Valve (MDV) technology. MDV is a unique design that allows the air to flow into the canopy via bottom skin vents during the deployment stage and also during deep brake descent. In normal flight, the vents stay closed and do not disturb the internal airflow inside the canopy.

A canopy with MDV offers additional performance by increasing the canopy flight envelope in deep brakes, before reaching the stall. The canopy still has a great flare when equipped with MDV. When making a jump with the slider up, the canopy will inflate a bit faster than normal, but the true benefits of MDV technology are fully exploited on slider down jumps. The Atair MDV system also has a very low packing volume. During deployment, MDV technology provides superior canopy pressurization, reducing the amount of altitude required for canopy inflation and allowing the jumper almost immediate control of the canopy.





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