Providing the world with state-of-the-art, high quality B.A.S.E and SKYDIVING parachutes, R&D services and technical consulting since 1992.

Friends of Atair Canopies

B.A.S.E Canopies

Current Lead Time: weeks
The best all-round canopy on the market.
Advanced all-round canopy for experienced jumpers.
The best lightweight slider up canopy on the market.
The classic all-round BASE Canopy.

SKYDIVE Canopies

Current Lead Time: weeks
The perfect wingsuit canopy, 9-cell performance in a 7-cell design.

Research & Development

Phoenix Fly + Atair

Partners down the street

Phoenix-fly is actively involved in R&D and product testing of our brand. Their factory is a short walk from ours!

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